All Clad Stainless Cookware Set – Great Gift

All-Clad stainless cookware set

After recently receiving the All-Clad Master chef 2 stainless cookware set as a gift, cooking has been so much easier for me. Who knew that a cookware set can make so much difference in ways of cooking? the quality is amazing. It is lightweight and the pots and pans are very easy to use.

With the all clad stainless cookware set, you seldom get tired when cooking and cleaning up is very easy! The Master chef cookware set has a bonded three-ply construction that consists of stainless steel interior, pure aluminum core and a stylish aluminum exterior finish.

With snug-fitting lids, you don’t have to wear mittens every time you want to lift the pot or pan because the handles stay cool. The only thing I didn’t like about the Master chef set is that it is not dishwasher safe but, cleaning it by hand is very easy!

About All-Clad

All-Clad is a well-known cookware manufacturer. It is renowned because of its good quality control and good after-sold services. The All-Clad stainless cookware set is the best cookware for those who wished to find a set of good cookware for your home kitchen.

The cookware in the set is beautifully polished and with a magnetic stainless exterior layer which provides the cookware a clean and safe to use outlook. Its pure aluminum core does not only cover the bottom of the pan but is also extended to the sides allows great heat conductivity as well as even heat distribution for cooking.

There is no more “hot spot” problem occurring during cooking. The interior part, which is a sturdy and non-corrosive stainless-steel layer will not react with food. Therefore, people out there need not have to worry about food poisoning if you use this cookware. The All-Clad stainless cookware collection is compatible with an induction stovetop in addition to gas and electric stovetops. Some of them are dishwasher-safe while some are not.

The warranty for the All-Clad stainless cookware set is a lifetime and you can just call the service center, and they will send a technician to your door. With this lifetime warranty, many people feel safe and guaranteed when they buy All Clad products.


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