Rachael Ray 8-Quart Hard-Anodized Pasta Pot

Rachael Ray 8-Quart Hard-Anodized Covered Oval Pasta Pot

First time I laid eyes on this Rachael Ray pasta pot I was surprised to see that the regular black plastic handles which have been on almost all cooking wear have been swapped for this cheerful and vibrant orange color, little did I know then that this pot was made by a popular cooking TV show host Rachael Ray.

Rachael Ray 8-Quart Hard-Anodized Covered Oval Pasta Pot

This Rachael Ray pasta pot was made for pasta, so I decided to use it for just the occasion; the large 8 was able to take a lot of water and since it’s an oblong pot not only does it take up less space on the stove for a large pot like itself but the pasta just fits perfectly in it, with smaller pots I would find myself breaking them in half or leaving the pot open and the pasta sticking out the top, but not with this pot.

It’s very light considering its size and load and the pouring side may be good for pouring and straining however I find that it doesn’t really allow the pot to be sealed completely, but if you are using it solely to boil pasta then it would not be a problem.

The non-stick surface of the pot makes it a breeze to clean, residue and oil does not get absorbed, so I have no worries about having to scrub, but it is a surprise that even if it is a non-stick pot; the foodstuff which touches the bottom will get burnt, this is probably due to the surface being a little too thin, but still this pot, after all, was made for pasta and using it to do anything besides that would lead to some unsatisfactory results.

Overall it is a great pot for boiling pasta and was designed to do it incredibly well, being lightweight and having a pouring side, but it would have been nice if it didn’t have problems handling chunky soups, and maybe a tighter lid so that it can trap heat and steam more effectively for faster boiling, not that it boils slow but a little faster would definitely be a bonus.

For its price at well below $100 the Rachael Ray pasta pot could be a great addition to your kitchenware and even more so if you are passionate about your pasta.

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Or maybe you’d like to stick to Rachael Ray cookware for its design.


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